Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 29 of 2021. 


A thought provoking report from India showing how rapid antigen tests can be exceptionally helpful in managing the pandemic when used at scale.

Read the article “Optimizing testing for COVID-19 in India” from here


A timely editorial in Science about why colleges need vaccine mandates.

Read it from here.


“Pandemics are complex. Pandemic response and recovery are equally complex and require a collaborative and cross-sectoral approach to (1) address existing inequities in health and social systems that may prevent people from adopting and sustaining mitigation and recovery measures, and (2) to build or restore trust among marginalized, vulnerable and underserved communities, which unfortunately always bear the greatest burden of any epidemic. “

The ‘Science of Trust’: why we need a multi-faceted approach to inform, engage and empower communities during COVID-19 and beyond

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