About Me

Jina Joan Dcruz has a PhD in Behavior Sciences and graduated from the CDC Public Health Informatics Fellowship program. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Economics, Sociology and a postgraduate degree in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. As a perpetually curious student of human behavior, data and technology, Jina is determined to figure out how she can use those to change the world and make a difference.

Jina was born and raised in one of those oddball National Geographic locations. She leads multiple lives trying to be a public health informatician, academic researcher, writer, data analytics and visualization enthusiast, and a lifelong learner of all things interesting. Besides her current job, Jina has had myriad experiences working as a Development Consultant in South Asia, Counseling therapist and a Behavior Change Communications expert.

She writes poetry and explores food history to escape from existential quandaries.

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