2023 Public health stories #11

Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 11 of 2023.


As a behavioral scientist, this well-articulated blog post from Dr Sandro Galea about “Leaving behind values disguised as science” resonated greatly.

“Are we, as a field, capable of having conversations about key issues that advance such change by balancing data and values? Our values point towards the better, healthier world we wish to see, but getting there requires us to proceed one careful step at a time. We must be scrupulously aware of our biases, reckon with them, and conduct science that stands up to the scrutiny of all who engage with it.”


UNICEF will always remain one of my favorite places to work for and partner with. UNICEF’s Digital Health & Information System 2022 Annual Report neatly summarizes its work across 58 countries worldwide, providing technical assistance to national governments and partners on digital health interventions that addressed major health priorities and health system needs. Read the full report now to find out what some of our biggest achievements and lessons learned

Access the report from here.


Disclaimer: Posts and opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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