2022 Public health stories #34

Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 34 of 2022.


“Countries with large populations have the potential to significantly distort how we see the severity of the pandemic around the world. Considering the pandemic performance of the US, China, India and Ethiopia, we assess how these population outliers affect average mortality rates by World Bank income group. As it turns out, the rankings of pandemic severity are completely upset. The outcomes for upper-middle and lower-middle income countries completely change, whereas those of high- and low-income countries converge to each other.  “

Read With or without you?


Dr Frieden writes about “Three Solutions for Public Health—And One Dangerous Idea


U.S. Global Health Legislation Tracker-This tracker provides a listing of global health-related legislation being considered by the 117th Congress (Jan. 3, 2021 – Jan. 3, 2023). Currently, there are more than 80 pieces of legislation related to global health. They address topics ranging from global health security to climate change to reproductive health.

Access it from here.

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