2022 Public health stories #22

Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 22 of 2022.


NY Times once again paints the most compelling story about how devastating the loss has been from COVID

Interactive story from here.


“Health care prices in the United States are high, highly variable, and a key driver of rising health care spending. Market-based efforts have been largely unsuccessful in meaningfully constraining prices, leading policymakers and other stakeholders to search for alternatives, including price regulation, global budgets, and spending growth targets. However, these measures are controversial and raise issues about the appropriate role for government in regulating health care prices and spending.”

Price Regulation, Global Budgets, and Spending Targets: A Road Map to Reduce Health Care Spending, and Improve Affordability


“For low-income countries, ‘pandemic preparedness’ means more than fighting the next virus. It’s about building the capacity necessary to keep entire health systems from crumbling.”

Politico article “Fighting For Survival in the Shadow of Covid-19

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