Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 10 of 2021


We knew COVID incidence had racial disparities among older adults, but new evidence also shows how it disproportionately impacted young adults too– especially in Native and Hispanic communities.

Read the MMWR article from here


There have been all sorts of interesting visualizations and dashboards during this pandemic time. I recently stumbled upon this COVID misery index that compares the “performance 15 advanced countries in protecting health and prosperity of their citizens during the pandemic”.

Read more about it here.


US has crossed 100 million doses of vaccine doses administered. Across the world, about 359 million total doses are given, making ~1% of global population fully vaccinated.
The fight against vaccine misinformation is ongoing. As usual, this The New Yorker piece is a good dissection of this multifaceted issues.

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