Curated public health stories for this week from my reading shelf for Week 6 of 2021.


An unlikely pandemic story from one of my favorite places on earth. The birthplace of the fascinating concept of Gross National Happiness.

Read about Bhutan’s story here.


” The societal value of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines is enormous. Yet new vaccines will mean little to individuals around the world if they are unable to get vaccinated in a timely manner. This objective requires vaccines to be affordable and available to countries around the world, and governments to have the administrative and political capacities to deliver them locally. “

A thought provoking Lancet paper outlining the challenges related to ensuring global access and availability of COVID vaccines. Read it here.


Public-health decisions are unavoidably political. Failing to act, in the face of Covid-19’s proof that the world is dangerously vulnerable, would also be a decision. This year, when the urgency of such work is so clear, we must make significant investments to protect and expand global health—or we and our children will face the dire consequences.

Dr Tom Frieden

Read the essay “Will we be ready for the next pandemic?” here.

Disclaimer: Posts and opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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